SPOTLESS CELL Intensive Serum

SPOTLESS CELL Intensive Serum

Intensive Serum is intensely effective against dark spots.

Active Ingredients;

Polymethoxyflavonoids; By inhibiting the synthesis of melanin causing the dark spots on the skin surface, it removes the dark spots on the skin layer.


Snow White Lightening Skin Care Series, has a formula that provides optimal tolerance and protection for all skin types. In Ege University Science and Technology Research Center as a result of long-term scientific studies and R & D projects have been designed to put an end to dark spots on your skin.

Polymethoxyflavonoids active ingredient of snow white series is obtained from orange peel extracts (PMF). PMF is a tyrosinase inhibitor has whitening and decolorizing properties. By inhibiting the synthesis of melanin in skin cells prevents the formation of dark spots.

Besides spot correcting and bleaching effect on human skin layer is not toxic and irritant. PMF is a natural active metabolite obtained from orange peel and gave more effective results than their peers. With vitamins E(α-tocopherol) and C (ascorbic acid)in the formulation nourishes the skin and is effective against skin deterioration.

Usage: After cleaning the skin wtih SNOW WHITE cleansing milk, apply by massaging in small circular motions to the dark spots. You can apply serum 5 minutes before using day and night cream. To get the best results Snow White Night Cream, Snow White Day Cream and Snow White Serum should be used regularly.