PURE OCEAN Double Action Eye Make-Up Remover

PURE OCEAN Double Action Eye Make-Up Remover

Double Action Eye Makeup Cleaner

Becomes active when rinsed and removes water-resistant eye makeup and mastic forcing.
The eye does not harm pH’na.
It does not leave a feeling of greasy.
Moisturizes your eye area after use.
Ideal for use with the most sensitive eyes and lenses.

Biotechnological Herbal Active Ingredients;

SONGE; the collagen increases the stimulation and tightening power of the skin. It promotes healing and skin tightness. Removes free radicals to prevent skin aging. Increases skin brightness and softness with moisturizing effect on skin surface.

CANADIAN WILLOWHE; It is effective in removing pollution in the pores of the skin caused by air pollution and UV rays. Prevents bacteria from replicating on skin surface. The skin gives a shiny look.

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