PURE OCEAN Cleansing Gel

PURE OCEAN Cleansing Gel

Why should I use Pure Ocean Cleansing Gel?

Worn out and dry skin or makeup on your skin should be cleaned regularly in the morning and evening. If your skin with make-up is not cleaned, number of blackheads increase and acnes occur. Purification more than needed while cleansing your skin causes the dry skin or re-lubrication.It controls lubrication.You can clean your makeup in one step.

What feature makes it different from a cleansing gel?

Helps in the treatment of acne and acne on your skin.

Prevents the expansion of pores.

Provides correction of dark spots and acne scars.



NOBILETIN; By inhibiting the synthesis of melanin causing the dark spots on the skin surface, it removes the dark spots on the skin layer.

ALOE VERA; Has a rich structure in minerals and contains high levels of water. Has skin softening property.Moisturizes the skin and gives a feeling of relaxation.

YELLOW HERB; Eliminates factors that cause acne. Protects against free radicals.

SOLIDAGO VIRGOUREA; Has Firming effect on collagens and the effect of scavenging free radicals. Prevents the formation of wrinkles. Moisturizes the skin.

USAGE: Apply to moistened face and neck. Massage in a circular motion.Rinse with lukewarm water. Apply tonic and moisturizer after use for a better result.

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