Propolis – Antiage Body Cream

Propolis – Antiage Body Cream

Sheida Professional Refreshing Body Cream is a cream that keeps your skin compelete solution with anti-wrinkle, anti-aging and natural cell renewal-energy enhancing properties. The extract horsechestnut and vitamins E and C contained in it provides support for the prevention of deformation, sagging and wrinkles at accurres in your skin over the years. The rejuvenated skin has increased ATP activity and hence cell regeneration capacity. In a short time you will have a younger, healthier skin

Skin resurfacing cream Provides a multifunctional care that comes to the forefront with anti-wrinkle, anti-aging and natural cell energy enhancer. The active ingredient, propolis extract provides skin balancing and provides skin nutrition.

Active ingredients:

Propolis extract: It plays an important role in the regeneration of damaged skin. Used as an active ingredient, propolis provides skin balancing and provides skin nutrition. It helps to maintain normal moisture balance of the skin by preventing harmful formation that may occur in the skin. Due to the flavonoid molecule groups it contains, it helps in fighting free radicals.

Vitamin E: Supports skin nutrition and regeneration, helps repair damaged skin

Vitamin C: Increases collagen synthesis, helps to delay skin aging. With antioxidant properties, fight with free radicals, which are harmful to the skin.

Butyrspermum Parkii (Shea) Butter: Contains vitamins that the skin needs. Helps to meet your daily moisture needs and a protective layer on the skin to provide moisture balance of the skin.

Sweet almond oil: Helps to moisturize the skin, relieves irritation on the skin and inflammation. Helps moisturize dry skin, providing softer and smoother skin



Sheida Professional Active Care Body Cream If you regularly use the region you need on your skin, you will see that your skin has regained its essential nutrients.