Thickened and Extended Eyelashes
Thanks to its technical brush and its formula containing natural wax, Senegal acacia extract and rice wax, the mascara is applied precisely. It separates the eyelashes and covers them one by one, so they do not stick together. The eyelashes become longer and thicker. Special colors of pigments give a sophisticated effect like the false eyelashes for an attractive look.

This mascara nourishes the eyelashes thanks to its hypoallergenic and sensitive formula. The natural oils increase the strength of the product and help the eyelashes become immediately abundant and strong by protecting and renovating them. Thanks to its herbal ingredients, you can use it safely. The eyelashes gain an intense and perfect look thanks to the professional applicators.

The active extracts in the ingredients are:

SENEGAL ACACIA: It makes the product heat resistant and helps it be long-lasting.
PALM OIL: Anti-oxidant.
MIMOSA: Antibacterial, anti-microbial, antifungal, thickener (roots and gum), anti-dermatitis, soothing
RICE WAX: Rice extract.
VEGETABLE WAXES: Rich concentration of vegetable waxes.

Satın Al