Loose Eye Shadow

DIAMOND DUST Loose Eye Shadow

Loose powder eye shadow with innovative formulation!
DIAMOND DUST is a loose powder eye shadow with innovative formulation, with moisturizing and protective mineral powders that do not dry out the skin. The loose powder is not subjected to processes such as pressing or heating, and maintains the characteristics of pearls and pigments, contained in the highest percentage, unchanged: this impalpable, soft and easy to apply eye shadow, glides over the skin, creating a colour film perfectly adherent and uniform, avoiding the risk of absorption. The colour is intense, bright, multi- faceted and has a high-performance: it can be modulated at will with the applicator to obtain the desired look, from a light and natural make up to a more sophisticated or smokey look. The make up is flawless, never heavy and long lasting.

IDEAL FOR: all skin types.

EXCLUSIVE TECHNICAL PACKAGING: the packaging design combines aesthetics and practicality: the “intelligent” brush collects only the desired amount of powder and can be used with the flat side to spread the dust over larger surfaces of the eye (eyelid, eyebrow area), or with the narrow side for precision application (contours of the eye, light points). Making-up is easy, fast and accurate.

APPLICATION TIPS: in order to spread the powder more easily and to obtain a long-term make up optimizing its performance, create a base on the eyelid with a primer or a concealer stick in a neutral colour. It can be applied over the entire eyelid and under the eyebrows shading from inside towards the outside of the eye with the special brush. For a more sophisticated make-up use different shades, emphasizing the contours of the eye with a contrasting color. The perfect finishing touches can be obtained when combined with a normal eye shadow, compact or creamy, even matt, because it lights the eyes and fixes the make up.

Satın Al