Kohl Powder

Kohl Powder

Prefer Sheida Kohl for the beauty of your eyes
Kohl, which is the first known makeup product, is an ornamentation tool that has been known and used for 4000 years. Kohl, which has been in demand in especially Egypt, India and Arabia and in European countries in recent years, has become the essential product of eye makeup day by day because of its natural characteristics.

Kohl, which was produced with its common characteristics, was colored as suitable to any makeup besides the classical black color. In a literal, modern and antibacterial packaging and with the easy applicator, the excellent durability and perfect glamour that were created by the attractive photochromic particles make the kohl an extraordinary product. This kohl was prepared like a jewel. It has an irresistible and seductive power like a romance from the oriental nights. It was prepared very carefully in depth.

As a result of various researched made by many universities and English scientists, lots of benefits of kohl are listed by providing reference. So, kohl powder has been a product which has been used by both women and men since the ancient times. Some characteristics of the kohl powder reported by various scientists are:

It protects the eyes from harmful UV sunrays by reducing the reflection.
Kohl powder lubricates the eyes and supports them to see clearly by preventing the eye dryness.
It is assumed that it helps prevent many problems, even allergic infections in eye, by preventing bacterial growth.
It has been used for years as it is assumed to strengthen the eye, enhance the eyesight and luster the eye.

Eye make-up is very important for an impressive and attractive beauty. Kohl powder is the best eye make-up product that gives depth and mystery to the eyes and increases their glamour with a natural smoky eye make-up.

Sheida kohl not only makes your make-up perfect, but also protects your eye function.


Place the applicator on the inner side of the eye horizontally.

Close your eye and slide it through your eyelid a few times.

In order to create an effective look, repeat the same procedure a few times.

In each time, put the applicator into the bottle thoroughly and make it absorb the product.

There are no harming effects if during the application the kohl powder gets into the eye.

Sheida kohl is a hypoallergenic product that has the common kohl characteristics and it is offered to you in an antibacterial packaging.

It can be applied on both the inner and outer side of the eyelashes. You can have more impressive looks by applying it around the whole eye in a certain line.

Application with contact lenses:

We advise the users of contact lenses to remove them before the application in order that the powder does not leak under the contact lenses.

Small tip from our Sheida make-up artists: To have an attractive result, you can try washing your face after the application.

You do not need a special make-up remover to remove Sheida kohl completely; you can just remove it with water. If you do not rub, it will stay on your eyes for 2 – 3 days. Do not keep the bottle open and under sun.

Side effects: None.

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