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Active Shine series, a series with herbal ingredients that designed specifically for each kind of hair. Herbal shampoo act directly on the hair without causing any side effects. Also provides natural haircare and hair growth. Livens Up Dry And Lifeless Hair caused by Special health conditions. (Pregnancy-disease etc.) As the results of Regular use, balances the circulation in the scalp, thickens the hair follicles and accelerate the formation of new hair.

ÉCRAN SOLAIRE Sun Protection Skin Care

Biotechnological active molecules enriched with herbal formula provides effective protection against sunburn and skin dryness.
With photostable UVA and UVB sun filter system, protects your skin against harmful UV rays.
Speed up the repair process of the skin with anti-aging ingredient and provides high protection against damage caused by the sun.
It prevents skin dryness that occurs after sunbathing.
With antioxidant,  is effective against skin aging and free radicals, stains caused by UVA rays, wrinkles.
Due to moisturizers soothes the skin.
Has very fast absorbing formula and does not leave layer on the skin.
Comfortably used in all seasons and effective whole body.
Suitable for even the most sensitive skin.

SNOW WHITE Lightening Skin Care Series

Snow White Whitening Cream Series, has a formula that provides optimal tolerance and protection for all skin types. In Ege University Science and Technology Research Center as a result of long-term scientific studies and R & D projects have been designed to put an end to dark spots on your skin.

Polymethoxyflavonoids active ingredient of snow white series is obtained from orange peel extracts (PMF). PMF is a tyrosinase inhibitor has whitening and decolorizing properties. By inhibiting the synthesis of melanin in skin cells prevents the formation of dark spots.


Prefer Sheida Kohl for the beauty of your eyes

Kohl, which is the first known makeup product, is an ornamentation tool that has been known and used for 4000 years. Kohl, which has been in demand in especially Egypt, India and Arabia and in European countries in recent years, has become the essential product of eye makeup day by day because of its natural characteristics.

Kohl, which was produced with its common characteristics, was colored as suitable to any makeup besides the classical black color. In a literal, modern and antibacterial packaging and with the easy applicator, the excellent durability and perfect glamour that were created by the attractive photochromic particles make the kohl an extraordinary product. This kohl was prepared like a jewel. It has an irresistible and seductive power like a romance from the oriental nights. It was prepared very carefully in depth.