EyeBrow Shadow

EyeBrow Shadow

Sheida added a new item to its eye make-up range with its unique product and presentation that add meaning to the looks. After long researches, we are glad to offer you our new product Eyebrow Shadow that adds meaning to your face with the color options that you may need.

Eyebrows frame not only your face, but essentially your eyes. Thanks to this shadow, by perfecting your eyebrows, you can instantly enhance your features. Sheida has created a choice of three unique stencils which used together with our exclusive range of colors and specially designed handmade brush. We guarantee you will have perfect eyebrows every time.

Just follow the simple steps below:

1. Choose a stencil – the choice of 3 eyebrow shapes will ensure you have the right look for every occasion.
         SLEEK                NATURAL                 BOLD

2. Place the stencil on your eyebrow matching the highest point of your brow to the highest point of the stencil.
3. Hold the stencil firmly in place using your middle and index fingers as shown in the diagram.
4. Dab the powder onto your eyebrow using the Sheida eyebrow brush. Work with the brush in both directions to achieve even coverage.
5. Remove the stencil and shake it, then repeat on the other eyebrow.

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