Exotic Kohl

Exotic Kohl


EXOTIC KOHL is a loose bronzing powder with innovative formulation. Loose powder is not subjected to production processes such as pressing or heating, and keeps the characteristics of pearls and color pigments unchanged: the color is intense, luminous, and rich in blends, the powder is extremely fluid, more natural, delicate, soft and comfortable to wear. The micronization of grains allows playing with facial shading obtaining a transparent color without that heavy look. EXOTIC KOHL gives the complexion a tanned look all year round, revitalizing the complexion with a natural, luminous finish and improves or enhances the effect of tanning, softening the face and minimizing imperfections. Light and non-occlusive, it contains moisturizing mineral powders with protective properties: it can be easily applied without creating unsightly spots and shades, and gives a glowing, smooth, radiant and flawless complexion.

IDEAL FOR: Suitable for all skin types, EXOTIC KOHL is also ideal for oily and impure skin types because it mattifies the complexion correcting epidermal shine without drying the skin and it is therefore a valuable make-up ally in summer months.

EXCLUSIVE TECHNICAL PACKAGING: Thanks to the innovative and practical packaging complete with mini brush, EXOTIC KOHL can be applied quickly and easily. The brush picks up just the right amount of powder, while the re-closable seal avoids dispersion of the product. EXOTIC KOHL can also be used for small touch-ups during the day and can always be kept in a handbag.

TIPS FOR PERFECT APPLICATION: To prevent the formation of unsightly dark spots and obtain long-term make-up, optimizing the performance, we recommend that you create a base over face and neck with a colorless powder foundation or compact powder and then apply EXOTIC KOHL with the brush, using gentle circular movements from the center of the face and out towards the side of the face. It can also be used as a blusher to sculpt cheekbones, temples, chin, nose, and redesign the oval face shape, or as luminous effect over face and body.

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